Why would you develop a Personal Brand?

'Woo hoo...because I want to be pretty/handsome and fun!' That thinking won't get you anywhere. You have a message to share and defining that message is a key part of developing a strong brand that will attract more valuable clients.  Start by defining your style, who you are and why you do what you do. A brand by the way isn't a business plan. They have very different purposes. Your personal brand will influence your plan but not visa versa. Next, get help. There are literally thousands of resources online including how to and what to do articles, apps, videos and more. Look for ideas and questions that will guide you toward discovering, internalizing and communicating your personal brand.  Hiring a consultant may be the way to go for you. That person will support you, give you advice, keep you on track and provide valuable feedback. A brand doesn't happen overnight. Be patient.  Are you ready to build your personal brand photo library? A good personal brand photograp…

5 Ways to Use Props in your Personal Brand Photos

Props aren't just for the shelf. There are so many ways to enhance your personal brand photoshoot. Can you guess what this entrepreneur does in her 'spare time'? Sure you can. Now you know her a little bit better. Following are 5 of the ways you can use props to enhance your brand with authenticity!
1. Props can be used to bring in your brand colors. Cushions or pillows on a couch or different color files, notebooks or pens are just some examples of how you can incorporate pops of color.  If you’re incorporating any electronics such as your phone or laptop, you could get a cover that matches your brand as a way to feature your brand colors.
2. Props can be used to help personalize your photos. Incorporate items that help showcase what you do during the day. A funky planning board is a good example.
3. Props can also be used to create a connection with a potential client. Showcasing certain books on your desk or coffee table fea…

3 Tips For Planning Your Personal Branding Photoshoot

Whether you're planning a session now or sometime down the road these tips will help in your planning process.  Before Your Session - Confirm any hair and makeup appointmentsand confirm the address one week prior to your session. If you will be coloring your hair, this is the time to do it.  The day before your session prepare your outfits, ensuring that they’re steamed, pressed and on hangers. If you want to look great in your photos, make sure you are well hydrated on the day prior and be sure to go to bed early so you will look and feel well rested.The Day of the Session - Now it’s all about relaxing and enjoying the experience. Your photographer will direct you on how to pose and ensure that you get the best possible shots.  There should be a mix of lifestyle images and headshots to give your audience a better view of what you do on a daily basis. Behind the scenes shots lend a more personal view of what it’s like to work …

11 Ways to Use Professional Personal Branding Photography to Grow Your Business

We live in a visual world. Professional photography has never been as important as it is right now when communicating with prospects and influencing your market. You are the literal face of your business and you want your prospects and clients to know who you are. Building a robust library of photos is key to maintaining a fresh portfolio of flexible visual assets. Here's the list that you can consider and decide what works best for you.
Throughout your website.In posts on you social media platforms.In your newsletter, blogs and e-blasts.In proposals to prospective clients.In the contracts you present to your clients.Press releases about an event or new offering you have.Profile photo refreshing every few months so that people see a new image of you.In your sales and landing pages.Submit an image along with your bio when you have a speaking engagement.In your email signature.On print materials like rack cards, brochures, mailers or other.Building your library of photos will give yo…

Are you photogenic (or not so much)?

Everyone is photogenic but many of my clients start out thinking that they aren't because they believe they have never taken a good photo. And maybe they haven't. With the standard in today's world of selfies and point and shoots it's impossible for most people to show off their best features. There's a lot that goes into being photogenic and what you see in photos of celebrities isn't always who they are off camera. “Even I don't wake up looking like Cindy Crawford.” Cindy Crawford
Cindy is being modest, but all professional photos have some retouching done without compromising who the person is in the photo. Photoshop is designed for that.
So much of what changes an individual's look (the photogenic factor) in photographs is lighting and angles. Angles are affected by professional posing, camera and lighting placement. Then there's an inner glow that I can't explain but it's like a light switch. 

Ugly? Never. Photogenic? Always.

Give me a call if…

5 Common Challenges Hiring a Brand Photographer: Planning

How to streamline our social media & content creation management

Today’s challenge won’t cause you major frustrations like some of the other mistakes, but by avoiding this one, you’re going to get the most out of your personal brand photography investment and not miss out on any key images. So far in this series, I’ve revealed these common mistakes: Challenge #1: Hiring a traditional photographer instead of someone who specializes in Personal Brand PhotographyChallenge #2: Not asking if a commercial use license is includedChallenge #3: Not getting the right to edit the imagesChallenge #4: Hiring a photographer who requires you to give them creditIf you missed any of these, go back and find the email in your inbox. Avoiding these challenge will save you lots of frustration down the road and will help increase your conversions rates.
What is the final mistake I see people make when they hire a personal brand photographer?
Challenge #5: Shooting without a plan
A good personal brand photogr…

5 Key Elements for Getting the Best Executive Headshot - 10 Things You Shouldn't Do

Linda Kazares, Photographer, Article 6 of 6 Series

In my post, I shared a few “To Do’s” and "To Don'ts." Today, we’re wrapping up with some things that you should NOT do on session day.
Don’t get a new haircut just before the session. Give it a week.Don’t wear something that might “clash” with the background.Don’t wear white unless you are wearing layers and it is underneath.Don’t wear jewelry that will distract from your face or that is very trendy and might look dated down the road.Don’t overdress. Don’t wear “big” jewelry, big scarves, big hair.Don’t wear loud stripes or checks. Avoid herringbone. No short sleeve shirts, please.Don’t wear a turtleneck (unless it is a very good look for you). In general, a v-neck style will be more attractive.Don’t wear a jacket you cannot button, or that you have to stretch to be able to button. It will not look good and you will not feel good about it. Bring something that fits properly.Don’t over-do your makeup. …