If you wear glasses most of the time, you will probably want to wear them in your headshot photo. If you’d like photographs without your glasses, just let your photographer know. 

To eliminate glare or reflections:

Tip One: Bring empty frames or remove the lenses from your glasses.
Tip Two: Tilt your head slightly down or away from the camera. 
Tip Three: Have lights off to the side or anywhere they are not right in front of the person, I generally use two lights off to the sides so I can get even fill for business headshots. It may take a few shots before the lights are in the right position. Tiny adjustments make all the difference.

Of course you can always just not wear your glasses! ;-)

Many people choose to have their makeup done professionally for their headshots. It’s a good idea! A professional makeup artist will know how to make you look your best for the camera. If you’re doing your makeup yourself, keep it natural. In either case if you are going to wear your glasses put a little…

Tip Tuesday: Headshot Hair and Nails

Figuring out what to wear is only the first step in preparing for your headshot session. You’ll also want to pay special attention to your hair and nails. I can’t stress enough the importance of well-groomed hair in your headshot. Bad hair can ruin your whole session!

Tip One: Don’t style your hair in an unusual way. You want to look like you normally look.

Ladies: Play it safe and go to the hairdresser for color and cut a week before the session. Then have your hair done the day of the shoot.
Guys: go to the barber a day or two before the session.

Tip Two:
Remember the importance of your hands they will be part of your portrait. Whether you choose to do your nails yourself or have them manicured, keep them clean.

Ladies: If you wear nail polish use coordinating colors. Frankly it's best to keep them a neutral or no color polish so they don't clash with your clothes or distract from your face.
Guys: Buffing your nails will make them shine and show that you care about your gro…

3 Ideas About Clothes in Professional Headshots

It may go without saying, I'll say it anyway, that your clothing choice is important. That doesn’t mean that picking clothing is easy though! I have some tips that will make the process of deciding what to wear easy and help you ensure that you look your very best. Tip One:
When choosing what to wear for you professional headshots, it’s best to avoid complex patterns like stripes or checks. Horizontal lines can be difficult to look at in a photo and mixing patterns can make the photo feel busy. Vertical lines can have a slimming effect but should be minimal. It’s best to opt for solid colors whenever possible. This will not only give the headshot a more classic look but will be more visually pleasing several years from now when styles and trends have changed. Tip Two: Men
Choosing what to wear is often pretty simple. For a corporate headshot, a business suit is almost always a good choice. If you want a more casual look, you can forgo the blazer and wear a white shirt with a tie. For…

Tips: If you can't see the camera, the camera can't see you!

How often have you taken a pic and at least someones's single eyeball is the only thing that shows up in the photo. Or you can see two eyes peeking out under the arm pit of someone who should be in the back row. Ha, happens all the time.

Try these tips:

Arrange short people in front! Little kids in front of them. It's OK to sit on the ground or front row chairs depending on how many you have in the group so you can get everyone in the photo. This sounds like a duh head slapper but people aren't always aware of if can or cannot be seen in the photos.

Next time you're doing a group photo make this announcement...

"If you can't see the camera, the camera can't see you!"

...then wait for everyone to reassemble themselves. 

You'll get better group photos this way. Have fun at your next party.

I hope this little tidbit is helpful. 
If you enjoy my articles, I’d love to hear what you liked best. Please feel free to pass these tips on to anyone you know who might…

Tip Tuesday - 5 'secret' pointers for taking better pictures!

Photography may not seem complicated to the mobile phone clicker but there are a lot of 'rules' that can help you take better and look better in pictures.  I've compiled a few relaxed ways of making your pictures look terrific. (Of course there's always the option to hire a professional photographer but that's a topic for another blog!)
Light is everything.
Arrange for the light to be on either shoulder to a 90 degree angleNo light in back or in front (make squinty eyes)Use light/bright surfaces to reflect lightWhat you use to reflect will change the color of what you’re shootingUse your automatic settings based on what your light is…sun, shade, clouds – it changes the color of the final photo.Your camera!  Get familiar with it. 
Unless you are comfortable using all manual setting to manage ISOs, aperture and shutter speed use the automatic settings for sun, shade, clouds, action etc.Shooting better selfies
Please, no cutesy pouting (besides you'll get wrinkles in …

Learning Camera Lingo...Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, Bokeh, Hot Shoe

You may never need to know these things but for every budding photographer who has a smartphone and may transition to a point and shoot here's the lowdown on some technical terms and what they mean. 
At a minimum the next time you have a portrait taken by a professional photographer you can impress them with your knowledge of the terminology! 
Aperture Aperture (opening) Think of the lens as a window—large windows or wide angles let in more light, while small windows let in less light. A wide open aperture will let more light into the image for a brighter photo, while a smaller aperture lets in less light. Aperture is measured in f-stops; a small f-stop like f/1.8 is a wide opening, a large f-stop like f/22 is a very narrow one. Aperture is one of three camera settings that determine an image’s exposure, or how light or dark it is. Aperture also affects how much of the image is in focus—wide apertures result in that creamy, unfocused background while narrow apertures keep…

Balance Color in Group Photos

This photo tip is a little advanced. I want to talk about clothing color balance which is a subtle detail that is often overlooked particularly in bestie selfies. When you take a photo of the family or friends think about where they should be placed in the group pose.
A good start is placing people by height (remember the tip - "if you can't see the camera, it can't see you").  

Next consider what they're wearing. Placement of color, tones, light/dark and patterned clothes can kill or enhance the photo.

I did the Red Carpet photos in this blog for the Leukemia Man and Woman of the year. Observe how I placed people to balance the colors and heights.

It won't always work to be this detailed, after all you want to have fun when you're using your smartphone to take pics. Take a few second when you're getting ready to take the shot. You'll be amazed at how this will improve your photos. Enjoy!

If you enjoy the articles, I’d love to hear what you liked.

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